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New Builds

What is a New Build property?

There’s not a standard definition of New Builds – the term can mean different things to different people.


As a rule, New Builds are properties that have either been built or, sometimes, converted in recent times – over the last 2-3 years, for example.

The Development Process

The successful development of New Builds requires an enormous range of processes, paperwork, and skilled professionals.


Not only does development involve several practical skills, including bricklaying, plastering, and sourcing materials, but it also needs a wealth of understanding when it comes to policy and planning permission.

Developers of New Build housing oversee the various consultants, contractors, architects, builders, and solicitors that make up a strong development – while also keeping an eye on the big picture, ensuring all the finances and legalities are carried out correctly.

Urban Housing
Addressing the Housing Crisis

It’s more important than ever to support and encourage the development of New Builds.


The UK currently faces a huge housing shortage, with some estimates stating that we need 340,000 new homes per year – but, in 2020/21, only 216,000 homes were supplied.


By investing in New Build developments, you’re contributing to a much-needed reinvigoration of the housing supply.

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