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Sourcing Locations

The UK is increasingly committed to the project of regeneration, rejuvenation, and levelling up. Expanded permitted development rules mean that disused commercial properties can be transformed into exciting new homes, while town and city regeneration schemes are enhancing the beauty, quality, and value of areas across the UK – with an emphasis on regions such as the North and Midlands. These factors all play a part in our strategic approach to selecting property and development locations.

By taking into account a variety of regeneration-related factors, including improved transport infrastructure, investments in education, and efforts to reinvigorate town centres, we’re able to develop in a mixture of established and overlooked locations with the confidence that comes hand-in-hand with the strong future prospects of our builds.

In short: we choose sites that sit at the centre of economic transformation, increasing the likelihood of significant rises in value, huge rental appeal, and – as a result – strong yields for investors.

This is further enhanced by our focus on building quality and stylish, desirable housing, which breathes new life into the rich variety of towns and cities that make the UK such an attractive location for families and investors both here and abroad.


In the UK, Manchester is known by some as the country’s second city – but there are many reasons for property investors to place the region first and foremost in their hunt for the perfect location.

The city has shown a remarkable degree of resilience in the face of the COVID-related challenges we’ve all faced in recent years.

In fact, according to the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Manchester enjoyed meteoric levels of growth and customer demand in 2021 across services, manufacturing, and construction. This growth doubtless explains Barclays Eagle Labs’ recent report indicating that Manchester is, outside London, the best place to start a business in the UK.

Manchester’s economic fortitude is set against a rich and storied backdrop – the city was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, and the colourful depths of its history are threaded throughout Manchester’s first-class dining, fantastic cultural events, and exceptional architecture.

Hunter Jones Group Manchester
Hunter Jones Group Birmingham

Another region vying for the title of second city, Birmingham is anything but a runner-up. In fact, its future – as a place to live, work, and invest – looks brighter than ever.

There’s a reason, after all, that Goldman recently opened an office in Birmingham, cementing the city’s place among the tech and finance giants of the UK.

Such big businesses will find an increasingly welcome home in the city amidst the transformations caused by Birmingham City Council’s impressive Big City Plan, which is designed to transform the already stunning city centre over the next two decades.

The plan will see the creation of over 50,000 jobs, 5,000 new homes and leisure facilities, and a £2.1bn annual contribution to the economy – all of which speaks to Birmingham’s exciting potential for residents, developers, and investors alike.

These far-reaching activities are no doubt a factor in Savills’ prediction that the West Midlands area more broadly is going to see property value growth to the tune of 24 per cent between 2021-2025 – a remarkable figure that must be seen as a testament to the city’s bright future.


Located west of Leeds and at the foot of the Pennines, Bradford is a growing city whose high percentage of young residents indicates the vigour and ambition with which it’s approaching the next five years.

According to its district council, Bradford’s economy is worth £11bn, and it’s the fifth-largest metropolitan authority in England – underscoring how vital it is not to overlook the city and its prospects.

In 2019, Bradford was named by PwC as the UK’s most improved city for economic wellbeing, and ‘improvement’ is a theme we expect to continue in the coming years – especially given its recent opportunities for redevelopment.

With the help of an £80m windfall, courtesy of the Department for Transport’s Transforming Cities Fund, Bradford is planning to reinvent its civic centre, upgrade its public transport, and further the job creation fuelled by its sustainability agenda.

Hunter Jones Group Bradford

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