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Our Journey

Unique service

Since forming in 2013, Hunter Jones Group has expanded year after year to provide a one-of-a-kind experience and quality to our investors. From unique opportunities to facilitating exclusive deals, our clients can always feel assured that our experience and accomplishments are on hand to help.


Hunter Jones incorporated.


Hunter Jones raised over £5 million in our first year.


Hunter Jones & their northern developer structured and raised capital for their first structured investment. 


Hunter Jones raised in excess of £10 million.


Hunter Jones' clients began receiving their first instalment of interest payments. 

Our green & renewable energy-focused developer started raising capital for their structured investment.


Hunter Jones' clients started to receive the return of their capital.


Hunter Jones won the National Landlord Investment Show’s “Best Alternative Investment Provider” award at the NLLS Awards 2019.

Our northern developer began the exiting and payback of over £40 million to our investors.

Our flagship developer launched.


Our flagship developer began paying initial interest payments.


Hunter Jones and our Scottish developer started raising capital for their structured investment.


Our sister company HJ Property incorporated to meet the increasing demand for property acquisitions.


Our green and renewable energy-focused developer started paying capital and interest payments to clients at their maturity dates.


Hunter Jones Group takes the limelight with the merging of both Hunter Jones and HJ Property to offer a holistic service.

All of our developers continue to pay back investors.


Hunter Jones Group adds a lending division to their structure.

LIS Awards "Best Alternative Property Investment Provider".


Expanding into the Dubai market by opening our first Dubai office.

Hunter Jones Group marks ten years in business with an anniversary celebration for our clients, partners, and team.

LIS Awards "Best Alternative Property Investment Provider".

The Future Looks Bright With Hunter Jones Group

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