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Property Acquisitions

Investment opportunities

Hunter Jones Group doesn’t just acquire properties – it provides investors with unique opportunities that can’t be found on the open market. Its exclusive discounts and extensive network of trusted developers offers investors the opportunity to maximise their returns.

These properties are often a mixture of off-plan and already built – and they’re located in a range of locations chosen for their potential for growth and regeneration, making them highly desirable for the tenants that power Hunter Jones Group’s buy-to-let process. Not limited to the UK, Hunter Jones Group also has a substantial presence in Dubai, where it has a successful track record of acquiring properties in a range of fashionable districts.

Hunter Jones Group Property Aquisitions

The Hunter Jones Group Complete Service.

Taking you step-by-step on the investment road
complete service
complete service property acquisitions hunter jones group

First Steps

Before we can help, we need to ensure that we have a comprehensive overview of you. This includes not only your financial circumstances, but also your goals, your ambitions, and your feelings towards risk. By building a strong relationship at this early stage, we will sow the seeds of a strong partnership while ensuring that you receive the right opportunities.

Survey the Landscape

​Once we have a solid understanding of who you are and what you want, we can begin work on tailoring opportunities that match your goals.

This involves an intensive process of matching your unique circumstances with our property expertise, and generally follows three steps:

  1. Firstly, we examine a mixture of local property markets and local economies in order to scout out promising possibilities.

  2. We then begin to narrow down our opportunities by performing a risk/benefit analysis, ensuring that you are not offered an intolerably risky venture.

  3. Having selected some choice opportunities, we go on to locate any and all possible benefits, often in the form of discounts.

This part of the process is exceptionally important, but we will take care of all the hard work. From your perspective, you will simply receive a selection of strong investment options hand-picked to meet your needs.

Staying in the loop

At every stage of your journey, we will keep you fully abreast of any and all developments. These include not only your legal processes but also the progress of your chosen development as it is built. With monthly updates and swift responses to any concerns, you can enjoy peace of mind as your investment starts to take shape.

Property Support

Even when your development is completed, we continue to ensure that your experiences with the property are as smooth as possible. Through the services of our partners, you can rest assured that there will be no income disruptions if a tenant should ever fail to make a payment.

Our property management partners also handle more immediate and practical concerns such as building management, procuring tenants, handling rent and keeping buildings compliant. They represent a buffer between you and any issues that may arise during the lifetime of your investment.

Next Steps

We are fully aware that, given the smooth and accessible process of investing in property through our system, you may want to add more properties to your portfolio. As such, we’ll be delighted to return to the beginning of our ‘Complete Service’, assessing your needs once again by taking into account any new budgetary or goal-based factors before offering you a fresh selection of bespoke investment opportunities. However many times you engage our services, we’ll always be pleased to guide you through your ongoing journey in the world of investment.

We offer our clients a complete service making your life, and your investments easier.

Get in touch today to see how we can help you and your portfolio

Stamp Duty Calculator From Property Data.

"Our transaction tax calculator is the best on the internet, supporting SDLT, LBTT and LTT as well as different purchasing scenarios, and with an instant clear illustration of the amount payable and the effective percentage. Embed it on your website to allow your visitors to easily calculate stamp duty." Property Data

What is Stamp Duty?


When you purchase a property – whether it’s an investment property, your primary residence, or your first home – you have to pay stamp duty. However, the reason behind the purchase does change the amount of stamp duty you have to pay. It also depends on the value of the property and where in the UK it is located.

Would you like help with your calculations?

Get in touch today to see how we can help you and your portfolio.

investment calculator

Hunter Jones Group Investment Calculator.

Average annual interest rates
BANKS: 0.5%
ISA: 3%

These calculators are designed to show you how investing your current savings could help you achieve your goal of securing the required deposit you need in a much shorter time for your first home.
To start,  enter the amount of capital you would like to invest and input the expected interest rate that you would receive over the term of the investment. This will then generate your return on your initial capital. Please note this calculator is for guide purposes only and is not to be taken as any true guarantee on any investment you make.

Would you like help with your calculations?

Explore Our Acquisitions.

Spanning prime locations across the UK, Hunter Jones Group is constantly acquiring and providing access to off-plan and already built buy-to-let properties – and, thanks to Hunter Jones Group's fantastic network of developers, these properties are often off-market and discounted.

Hunter Jones Group Acqusitions
Explore Our Developers.

Hunter Jones Group proudly work with multi-award-winning, industry-leading developers. Click below to explore our developers as well as the areas they are predominantly based in.

Hunter Jones Group Acqusitions
Explore Our Developments.

Our developers work from Cornwall to Scotland, you will find a selection of our developments. Each site is open to investors who are looking for high yields and good returns.

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