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MP Backs Alternative Property Investment Sector

A Conservative MP and Member of the Housing, Communities and Local Government Select Committee has backed the alternative property investment sector as a viable option to overcome the UK’s national housing crisis.

Andrew Lewer MBE, who is also the Vice-President of the Local Government Association and Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for SME Housebuilders, has advised that the alternative property investment sector is now “a growing and viable option” for offering investors an alternative to conventional buy-to-let, whilst helping the industry alleviate blockages that have prevented the efficient development of UK housing.

Mr Lewer, speaking in a personal capacity, expressed his opinion at an industry event hosted by Hunter Jones in Autumn 2019, which debated the growing disparity between buy-to-let and property bonds.

Other speakers included Evan Maindonald, serial Entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of MELT Homes, and Tom Carr, Co-Founder and CEO of eco-friendly property development firm, Verto, who were all united in their discussions surrounding the increasing decline in the buy-to-let market due to ongoing and damning changes to tax legislation.

Reece Mennie, Founder and CEO of Hunter Jones confirmed: “The BTL Vs Property Bonds event provided an excellent opportunity for both Landlords and property investors to gain valuable insight from some of the industry’s leading developers, together with reputable speakers, like Andrew Lewer MP.

“As Mr Lewer advised, irrespective of the Brexit outcome, the alternative property sector is not only fast-becoming a viable option for traditional investors or Landlords, but also in helping the UK overcome the housing crisis by expediating the build of affordable and desirable properties nationwide.”

Launched in 2013, Hunter Jones has established a profound reputation as experts in UK and European property-backed interest-bearing Loan Notes; priding itself on introducing very selective and highly researched property investment opportunities to clients from across the UK and overseas. The firm hosts consistent events to provide Landlords and aspiring investors with the opportunity to gain insight into the alternative investment market, as financial returns from buy-to-let continue to decline. Reece added:

“8.4 Million people across the UK are now affected by the UK’s housing crisis. Hunter Jones works with a number of reputable property developers who are in the process of building vast build-to-rent developments to help overcome this; offering effective alternatives to those currently living in unsuitable housing; whilst providing traditional Landlords with a more financially viable alternative to buy-to-let.”

The ‘BTL Vs Property Bonds’, was held on 26thOctober 2019 in Canary Wharf, London and was attended by over 100 delegates.


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