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Why Manchester Is The Destination For Savvy Property Investors

London is not the be-all and end-all!

When talking about the UK, one of the first locations to be mentioned is naturally the nation’s capital “London”. It’s not surprising. The city is an economic powerhouse and a mecca for fashion, music, and culture. For tourists that’s great news but for investors with tight budgets… less so. After all, London’s popularity is the reason for its ever-increasing property prices, and it can be tough for the novice or passive investor to quickly spot the right investment opportunities and secure them. Unfortunately many investors are so fixated with breaking into the London property market, that they fail to look beyond the borders of the “Big Smoke” and consider other, equally lucrative options available to them elsewhere.

The UK’s cultural hotspot

For example, just 190 miles northwest of the capital and straddled by the beautiful Pennine hills lies Manchester, an area with a rich industrial heritage, that is seeing unprecedented growth and economic activity. The city-region is only the fifth largest by population, but it is increasingly being referred to as the UK’s “second city”, thanks to its recently acquired image as Britain’s modern cultural capital. The city’s roots are embedded in the textile manufacturing of the Industrial Revolution, but modern Manchester is the place for urban living with a slew of music venues, art houses, restaurants, and festivals. No wonder, then, that it has been named as one of the third best cities in the world according to global culture and events magazine Time Out, and one of the top three destinations in the UK for overseas tourists according to leading holiday website

At the heart of the North and the Northern Powerhouse

Manchester’s resilience in the face of the terrible economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic is a testament to its place as a key member of the Northern Powerhouse, a collection of connected northern cities that seek to emulate the economic success of London and the Southeast. The government’s focus on Manchester as a key means of rebalancing the UK economy has seen the area receive an £84 million investment to make trains more reliable, kicking off a decade’s worth of improvements across the region. It has also been granted greater independence to decide its own future. Its elected has been given responsibilities that include a £300 million housing investment fund that is creating thousands of local jobs, quality homes, and commercial spaces for businesses.

So, about those property investment opportunities…

There is obviously huge investment, activity, and government support being poured into Manchester which forward thinking investors should be taking advantage of while they can. They should also keep in mind that house growth is at its fastest rate since 2007 according to the Halifax, with the average house price across the country hitting £360k. This will leave many would-be landlords struggling to purchase suitable assets. Not so in Greater Manchester, though, where properties across half of its boroughs can be bought for £150,000, according to data from the HM Land Registry. Unfortunately cost of living increases has seen rising rents which have in turn, increased the likelihood of defaulting tenants. Clearly, buying to let may not be the suitable option at this time for those looking for hassle free investment.

If you don’t want to be a landlord, take the Build to Rent (BTR) option

For investors looking for good returns rather than hunting for renters who can pass referencing, there is always the option of Built to Rent (BTR). These are properties that are built, or redeveloped, specifically to be rented out rather than sold. Each development includes multiple units and a single company rather than individual landlords managing all the properties. The company manages and maintains the development to ensure it is secure, stable, and attractive to renters. The BTR market is relatively new in the UK, but such is the popularity of the model that investors poured £4.1bn into BTR last year according to property advisory CBRE. In fact a recently published analysis by the British Property Federation (BPF) demonstrates the BTR sector’s rapid expansion with 46,304 build-to-rent homes under construction at the end of the first quarter, which is up 14% year on year. This led the BPF to state that “Long-term demand for rental homes means the sector’s prospects remain very positive”. Manchester has embraced BTR wholeheartedly and there are many schemes for investors to get involved in, view here: Manchester.

Future Manchester. An economy built on people, place, and prosperity

The case for property investment in Manchester couldn’t be stronger. Its star continues to rise, propelled by a new economy and exciting cultural experiences that is attractive to a professional, middle-class workforce. In order to maintain this growth it needs to ensure a steady housing supply and is eagerly welcoming both investors and developers with open arms. With so many developments underway, there are many opportunities to be considered and enjoyed. That being said, the word is already out, and many investors should be aiming to make their mark there sooner rather than later.


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